Croatia·July 4 - 7 2018

Sail Beats

Four days of sailing, parties and wellbeing aboard a luxury yacht on the waters of the Adriatic Sea.



Party, sail, restore and relax in equal measure on this coastal retreat aboard a luxury yacht. Destined for the Croatian islands of Brac, Hvar and Makarska you'll discover hidden gems on the Adriatic coast and sail on idyllic turquoise waters. Ease into the your mornings with healing yoga or 'voga' and revitalising swims. Eat fresh breakfasts and lunches served aboard your yacht before going off deck to explore to historic coastal towns, snorkeling in coral reefs, or just kick back to soak up the sun. By night, Beats resident DJs host parties aboard taking you on a different listening journey into the night. Party with like-minded friends old and new as the sun goes down and keep the party going until the sun comes up in all it's majestic glory on the Adriatic sea.

Sail Beats

Croatia· July 4 - 7 2018· 3 nights