Bookings can be made directly through our website! Follow the ’Book Now’ link on your selected tour and follow the directions to confirm your booking.

Once your reservation has been made through our website, if you wish to change it, please contact us directly via info@beats-travel.com.

If you unfortunately need to cancel your tour, please contact us as soon as possible at info@beats-travel.com cancellations will incur fees or surrender of deposit if less that 45 days before departure date.

Within the first 7 days there is no cancellation fee. After the first week due to tour organisation there will be up to 50 % cancellation fee. Beats Travel will not refund any money within 21 days of tour departure date.

The accommodation on our Beats Travel tours vary throughout our different locations. On all of our tours you will experience a mix of hostel and hotel accommodation. In more exotic countries such as India you will get the chance to stay in incredible beach huts and house boats.

In one destination you might room share with 2 other passengers or in another location 4. It’s all in the fun right…

We would like to give you as much free time as possible to explore each of our destinations. Of course we will be there to show you what we love to do in each city and recommend our favourite coffee hang outs, restaurants, bars and local nightlife hotspots. We will be heading out to the different nightlife venues in each town but of course, this is up to you if you would like to join us on the beat any particular night!

Yes, to travel on any Beats Travel tour you will need to have a valid passport with an expiry of at least six months after the end of your tour. For India, you will also need to obtain an India Tourist Visa before departing from your home country.

When you have completed your booking, we will email you a copy of the details for your trip including an itinerary and travel arrangements. When you have completed your payment (no less than 45 days before departure) you will receive your final travel documents and E-Ticket for your Beats Travel tour. You will be issued with your festival tickets on arrival.

No. The price of your Beats Travel tour will not include any flights. It is your own responsibility to meet us at the specified meeting point on the first day of your tour! After that, all coach transport is included in the price of your tour.

Our tours range from 10-25 people, depending on the time, year and availability of music festivals.

The beauty of Beats Travel is that everyone on our tours is there for the same reason. To meet similar, like minded people and to enjoy the music and travel together. If you come alone, it will be very unlikely you will leave alone.

Here at Beats Travel we believe you are as young as you feel! Saying that, we have revolved our tours around catering for the young enthusiastic market of 18-30’s who want something different from their travel experience and who want to focus as much on the music as the travel and culture.

The duration of our coach rides vary depending on which tour you are on. Our India Beats tour has more travel time as we want you to experience as much of the country as possible, so this will include some overnight coach rides. Our European tours will have considerably less coach time as we have less distance to cover! However, no matter how long the coach rides, you can rest assured that we have something up our sleeve to keep you entertained..